Welcome to the PTSA sponsored Enrichment programs.  

Please review class information on the site.  There are some age restrictions on classes. (No classes are offered in the Fall for Kindergarteners.) If your child is interested in a program and they aren’t in the appropriate grade, please contact us if you would like them to be considered for the program. Also consider that programs that are for K-5 can have ALL ages in them.    

Remember that these clubs can’t happen with you.  Each class REQUIRES a PTSA parent volunteer to supervise the sign in/out process and be present for the program. Please keep that in mind when reviewing the schedule of classes for your child.  A class ambassador can receive a partial or full discount on select classes.  This requires a full 8 week class commitment and or management of the process. Or we will request all parents review their schedule to be available for a day.  NO ONE CAN BE THE CLASS VOLUNTEER WITHOUT BEING AN APPROVED LWSD VOLUNTEER. Programs can be canceled if they don’t have a parent volunteer.

Your participation makes it possible!  If interested in being the class ambassador for a class/club please contact enrichment@sandburgdcsptsa.org.


*This is not the registration page.  This is just the class information page.